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A round for the holiday table

holiday cider

Looking for the perfect party starting beverage for your holiday guests? Look no further than Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut (available at Trader Joe’s).  Looking around at the beverage section, this bottle of brut cider even looks like the perfect beverage for a small gathering. Made in the Brittany region of France, this bottle of Dan Armor features a gathering of people in traditional Brittany fashions with the ladies wearing lace shawls and the men wearing knee breeches. Granted I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I grabbed this off the shelf, but at first glance the label looks like a painting of pilgrims gathering in a circle….. and if that doesn’t scream Thanksgiving dinner, than I don’t know what does.  

This brut cider really is a great start to any dinner gathering of friends of family. It comes in a 750ml bottle with a champagne style cork, and let’s out a nice ‘POP’ when it’s opened. For those drinkers who are not too adventurous, this is an easy dip your toe into the cider pool kind of cider. With apples from the Brittany region of France which is reflected in their subtle not sickly sweet flavor from this cider. This cider really reminded me of the feeling you get as a kid when you get to drink non-alcoholic sparking apple cider at the holiday table as a kid. It has rich full apple flavor, crisp, and has a nice soft bubble to  it.  I like it when your beverage bottle design and it’s contents within reflect the mood of the event, and this one does both.

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