Wine Label Graphic Design

Creating a wine label must check legal requirements and as well as aesthetic preferences.  

Today, let’s talk about your aesthetic preferences. First thing first, what is the goal of this wine label?  Should this wine label be unique to all of the other labels in your wineries portfolio, or should this label stay within the boundaries of your current wine labels design standards?  

If you would like to reach outside of your regular brand standards, why?  What do you want to convey with this wine label that is different than your other wines?  Maybe this wine will be sold to a specific customer or store in which their design standards are very specific.  Or maybe this wine label is for a very rare and unique wine that you have created and you would like the packaging to reflect just how unique what is inside of the bottle on the outside of the bottle.

If you are going to create a label that is truly unique, invest in the development of this label.  You obviously believe this wine deserves the extra attention, so don’t skimp in the development of the artwork.  Have an outline of the feeling or imagery you would like this label to convey, then call us.  We love translating one artists creation into another medium.  Our goal is to create unique designs that truly identify what you would like to reflect at the shelf level.  Your wine will speak for itself once it is open, but let us help sell your wine while it is on the shelf.

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