informal balance


Informal Balance: A casual, unpredictable distribution of visual weight which does not use opposing halves.  It is usually devised by intuition rather than analysis, and in visual esthetic design, it may be used more frequently than symmetrical and asymmetrical balancing schemes.

Most of use try to achieve balance our lives, whether it is physical or emotional.  If only we looked up every once and awhile and realized that balance is all around us; it might be informal, but it's there.  Great branding allows us to envision a certain brand or companies products working for our own lives.  One technique to achieve this is informal balance.  The juxtaposition is not symmetrical, but it looks natural.  It looks like the product or brand being sold could just slid right in to our life without conflict.  Sounds easy, but even informal balance is designed with thought and intention, you just need to find it.

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