Impressions: A strong effect produced on the intellect, feeling, conscience, etc.

Working in clay is a humbling reminder of how easy it is to make an impression.  It is also a reminder of the amount of skill it takes to create the desired impression.  Physical impressions are on almost every surface that we interact with: the grout lines in the floor we are standing on, the texture of the walls, the tread on the tires that take us from place to place.  Some of these impressions are more functional than decorative, but they all started by altering an object/surface/idea that was flat and non-descript.

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Hello, my name is: Hue - Color Guide


Hue: The chromatic attribute of color.  The hues within a spectrum are traditionally listed as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Black and white are not commonly labeled as hues.

Color schemes are endless, and in branding, color schemes can leave a lasting impression.  Knowing your audience and the internal connections you would like to create with your brand is critical when developing a color scheme.  

Color schemes are  highly deliberate.  Consider taking a strategic approach when choosing hues for your next color scheme, then evaluate what kind of personal accents can be should be included.

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