Summer Produce In The Santa Ynez Valley


It is HOT.  I mean HOT.  It is officially summer here in the Santa Ynez Valley. Every early Summer I think, it doesn't get too hot here, and then it happens.  The temperatures are in the high 90's day after day and I regret giving those tank tops away.  With heat, comes the ripened fruit from the wet winter and the windy spring.  

The bounty of produce that come from the Santa Ynez Valley is absolutely stunning. The summer fruits are starting to drop, and I'm scouring Pinterest, with the question,"What to do with extra...".  For me, I have a plethora of apricots and plums (2 varietals).  

The counter covered in fruit, and I love it. The colors that are produced from three fruit trees in my backyard is unbelievable.  Purple, orange, yellow, pink, and celery green, and more.  These colors are just a reminder of how intense natural colors can be.  I wish I could keep the fruit on the countertops all year long, but the flies will soon get to it and I can't waste all of this good food.  Next season there will be another color palette of produce to indulge in.  I just want to enjoy this color palette as long as possible.  Until next season...

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Hello, my name is: Hue - Color Guide


Hue: The chromatic attribute of color.  The hues within a spectrum are traditionally listed as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Black and white are not commonly labeled as hues.

Color schemes are endless, and in branding, color schemes can leave a lasting impression.  Knowing your audience and the internal connections you would like to create with your brand is critical when developing a color scheme.  

Color schemes are  highly deliberate.  Consider taking a strategic approach when choosing hues for your next color scheme, then evaluate what kind of personal accents can be should be included.

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