color and context


Impressions: A strong effect produced on the intellect, feeling, conscience, etc.

Working in clay is a humbling reminder of how easy it is to make an impression.  It is also a reminder of the amount of skill it takes to create the desired impression.  Physical impressions are on almost every surface that we interact with: the grout lines in the floor we are standing on, the texture of the walls, the tread on the tires that take us from place to place.  Some of these impressions are more functional than decorative, but they all started by altering an object/surface/idea that was flat and non-descript.

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The process of design is so varied from person to person, is there a fundamental process to design?  Like life, is there a circle of design?  

Being creative is called a number of things, a skill, a gift, a character trait, ect. For each person the process of being creative cannot be the same, just as the act of being creative is just a varied.  Even the end result is varied in the creative world.  A logical thought is that the goal of all design is a complete or finished project.  Although, for many creatives the process of exercising a creative thought is the goal.  Not all processes must make universal sense, but they must make us critically evaluate the results, whatever they may be.

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Logo and label for small production winery.  Calle Bonita Studios created the Bonnie Estates logo and wine label with a modern and playful feel to attract the millennial wine enthusiast.

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Research.  Research.  Research.  To create with intent, you must have done some research on the subject matter or medium in which you are creating.  Sure creating with no purpose can be freeing and in the moment, but will that work have the lasting impression that all great work does?  Research can only help develop a thought or an idea, so why not use research to develop design too?

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People have defined creativity before.  Is creativity as easily defined as we may think?  No.  The act of being creative is as diverse as every person who has had a creative thought.  There is an infinite number of mediums to express creativity, so play.  Play to create.  Creativity is not madness.  Madness is not fulfilling creativity.

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Color + Context - Elements of Design

CONTEXTUALISM: The general idea that the nature of things can only be described or known in relations to (by comparing them with) other things or contexts.  To follow, things may change in appearance when they are extracted from one environment and displaced to another.

When presented with a new design project the importance of context is irrefutable.  Starting a project with a color scheme without any context can be distracting and unproductive as the color scheme may not relate to the context of the project.  Starting a project with visual context and narrative is primary when creating a design with purpose.  The introduction of color in design is what reinforces the the design project goal.

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